A different perspective !

2019 is drawing to a close and it has been a fantastic year for LHEE.

From your feedback, we can see that your children felt the same and had a great time with us as well!

As you know, LHEE had a humble start (we are barely a year old). It has been an interesting challenge for us to get established in Kudlu, amongst all the other childcare providers.

We always wanted to differentiate LHEE from all the other providers in Kudlu. But finding a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to draw parents and children to us was a challenging prospect. A USP is normally cost based with a focus on profit, and we did not want our children or their parents to feel that the driving factor of LHEE was just based on cost and profit.

So, we began thinking…. what else could we offer to stand out from the crowd?

So, we put ourselves in your shoes. What do parents want from a childcare provider? You require us to provide:

  • Care and support for your child’s natural desire to make them ‘learners for life’
  • High quality, affordable and accessible learning facilities
  • Memorable experiences for you and your children
  • Security while your child is with us

So, we partnered up with Kreedo to implement a curriculum that already had good ratings.

We hired trained and experienced staff who are not just professionals, but also passionate about childcare.

We invested in outdoor play areas, organised visits to local attractions and many other activities to bring out the creativity in your child.

All of this in a safe and secure environment as well!

We call it our UCP (Unique Caring Proposition) – which is many times better than having a USP!

Caring is what drives LHEE, and the way we do it clearly marks us out from the crowd. Our UCP forms the basis of our mission statement, our vision and everything we do at LHEE.

… and our services don’t just stop there.

Over the last few months, we have posted numerous blogs on our website, Facebook and Google to help parents connect better with their children at an emotional level and create good eating habits for children. We hope these nuggets of information have been useful to you.

So, before LHEE signs off on 2019 and welcomes 2020, we wanted you to know that:


We are parents, and so are you…

 As parents, you have great hopes that your children will grow up to be the bright stars of the future…

 We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for entrusting some of that hope with LHEE!

 Wishing all of you a prosperous 2020!

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