Active Listening 2

We all must have been in this situation at some point in our lives. You have a conversation with someone and you have either instantly forgotten or struggled to remember what that person exactly told us.

Very frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing as well!

However, this doesn’t happen every time, right? Somehow, we unconsciously pick and choose between three types of listening, depending on how important we perceive the situation to be.

1. Multi – tasked listening : this is what we do about 80 – 90% of the time. A good example is when we are driving a car, listening to music in the background and following the instructions from our Sat Nav (men can rejoice! Who says you cant multitask! )
2. Focussed listening – this is where we are paying attention to the speaker, but multi tasking in our brain (I can see women nodding their heads wisely in agreement…)
3. Active listening – this is where you are totally zoned in to what the speaker is saying and doing. The intention is to connect with the speaker to achieve a specific outcome.

Active listening (AL), as you can see from the explanation above is the most intense type of listening. Which is why we reserve AL for special occasions like:

• Negotiating a promotion / pay rise with the boss
• Bargaining at the market place for the cheapest price or
• Convincing your spouse to visit the in-laws

(Some people fail miserably in all the above situations ).

But jokes aside, AL does require more brain power than the other two types of listening.

Why go through this hassle then? Especially after a long day at work?

Its all about a chemical in our brain and its effect on relationships.



But you will have to wait a bit till my next blog for details.

Till then, keep listening (actively!)

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