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Festive Activities & Celebrations


Students from different faiths participate in decoration and festivity. They learn the differences, and yet the bond of love, warmth, cheer and selflessness that bind mankind together.

Outdoor Play Activities


If you’re looking for outdoor play ideas and backyard games for your kids, we have tons of fun and inexpensive activities for kids to enjoy in the backyard at school.

Painting, Art & Craft


Painting Activities For Children: different painting techniques to try, art projects, kids paintings and craft ideas, homemade paint recipes – Raising Creative Kids. … Rainbow Sponge Painting – fun rainbow art for kids that explores colour mixing, blending and textures.

Birthday Celebrations

School birthday celebrations can be fun, academic, and still leave your child beaming with birthday bliss! In the weeks leading up to your child’s ..

Field Trips

Elementary field trips teach kids about science, business, animals and more. Teach children important fundamentals outside of the classroom while staying safe on your field trip and having fun when you visit one of these locations.

Fireless cooking


Easy to Make Fireless Cooking Recipes for Kids. Mixed Sprout Chaat. Chaat is one of the most liked Indian fireless cooking recipes for kids.

EPL Activities


These activities are, for example, the care of the person (i.e the washing of the hand) and the care of the environment (i.e dusting a table or outdoor sweeping). In the Grace and Courtesy Exercises, the children work on the interactions of people to people.