Emotionally preparing your child for Preschool

Emotionally preparing your child—and yourself—for preschool might take more intentional effort. Below are a few ideas to smoothly make the transition.

Preparation Tips Before Preschool Starts
1. Visit the preschool along with your child. Visit your child’s classroom and meet the preschool teacher a few days ahead of time.Try and make your child comfortable with the space.
2. Act it out. Use your child’s free time to pretend play to prepare him for preschool. Pretend that you’re going to school and hanging up your backpack. Play games and read stories. Teach your child a few basic social skills such as how to ask for attention from the teacher.
3. Work on self-help skills. Going to preschool marks a big developmental leap for your child and independence will become a larger focus. Help your toddler master self-help skills like washing her hands, using the toilet, putting shoes and socks and so on.
4. Stay with your child for 15 to 20 minutes on the first day of preschool. Point out the classroom activities and help your child get involved. Help your child meet a few other children.
5. Stay involved. Separating from parents is a major milestone.Children develop independence at different rates with some children being able to separate easily from parents while others need extra support. It’s important to find the right balance for a child to develop independence. Talk with the teacher if your child is struggling with saying goodbye to you. Always tell your child when you’re leaving, rather than sneaking out.

Preschool is a time of tremendous growth. With just a little preparation, you can make this transition a confidence-building experience for both you and your child.

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